Usage Policy

Updated July 25, 2023
Effective as of July 25, 2023

Our usage policies have been recently updated to provide clearer and more specific guidelines.

To ensure the safe and responsible use of our tools, we have established usage policies that are applicable to all users of’s models, tools, and services. By adhering to these policies, you will help ensure that our technology is utilized for positive purposes.

If we discover that your product or usage does not align with these policies, we may request that you make the necessary adjustments. Repeated or severe violations may result in further actions, such as the suspension or termination of your account.

As we continue to gain insights into the use and misuse of our models, our policies may be subject to change.

Prohibited use of our models:

The following uses of our models are not allowed:

Engaging in illegal activities: strictly prohibits the use of our models, tools, and services for any illegal activities.

Generating content that promotes hate, harassment, or violence:

This includes content that expresses, incites, or promotes hate based on identity, as well as content intended to harass, threaten, or bully individuals. Additionally, content that glorifies violence or celebrates the suffering or humiliation of others is not permitted.

Sharing or creating content that exploits or harms children, including Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM):

Instances of CSAM are reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Creating malware:

Content that attempts to generate code designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to computer systems is prohibited.

Engaging in activities with a high risk of physical harm:

This includes weapons development, military and warfare-related activities, as well as the management or operation of critical infrastructure in energy, transportation, and water sectors. Content that promotes, encourages, or depicts acts of self-harm, such as suicide, cutting, and eating disorders, is also not allowed.

Engaging in activities with a high risk of economic harm:

This includes multi-level marketing, gambling, payday lending, and automated determinations of eligibility for credit, employment, educational institutions, or public assistance services.

Participating in fraudulent or deceptive activities:

Scams, coordinated inauthentic behavior, plagiarism, academic dishonesty, astroturfing (such as generating fake grassroots support or fake reviews), disinformation, spam, and pseudo-pharmaceuticals are all prohibited.

Engaging in adult content, adult industries, and dating apps:

Content that aims to arouse sexual excitement, such as explicit descriptions of sexual activity or promotion of sexual services (excluding sex education and wellness), erotic chat, and pornography are not allowed.

Engaging in political campaigning or lobbying:

Generating high volumes of campaign materials, creating personalized campaign materials targeted at specific demographics, building conversational or interactive systems (such as chatbots) that provide campaign information or engage in political advocacy or lobbying, and developing products for political campaigning or lobbying purposes are all prohibited.

Violating people’s privacy:

This includes tracking or monitoring individuals without their consent, conducting facial recognition of private individuals, classifying individuals based on protected characteristics, and using biometrics for identification or assessment. Unlawful collection or disclosure of personal identifiable information or protected records, including educational, financial, or other sensitive data, is also not allowed.

Engaging in the unauthorized practice of law or offering tailored legal advice without proper review:’s models are not fine-tuned to provide legal advice, and therefore, you should not solely rely on our models for legal advice.

Offering tailored financial advice without proper review:’s models are not fine-tuned to provide financial advice, and therefore, you should not solely rely on our models for financial advice.

Providing medical information, diagnoses, or treatment instructions:’s models are not fine-tuned to provide medical information, diagnostic services, or treatment instructions for serious medical conditions. They should never be used as the sole source for such purposes.’s platforms should not be used to triage or manage life-threatening issues that require immediate attention.

Engaging in high-risk government decision-making:

This includes activities related to law enforcement and criminal justice, as well as migration and asylum matters.

For specific applications of our models, we have additional requirements. In industries such as medical, financial, and legal, as well as in news generation or summarization, and any other relevant cases, it is necessary to include a disclaimer for consumer-facing uses. This disclaimer should inform users about the utilization of AI and its potential limitations.